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Are you up for an e-learning challenge?

Running through November in Enabling e-Learning are two opportunities to engage in professional discussion with colleagues, with an eye on 2012:


In the Leadership community: Tessa Gray will host the leadership wero/challenge where participants can contribute top tips for school leaders as they consider staffing for next year.




In the Teaching community: Karen Melhuish will facilitate the challenge of collaborating on a shared resource (the group will choose) that summarises the kinds of skills/knowledge/attitude that teachers and students need to use technology effectively.


What do you need to take part?

  • Be a member of the group(s) that interest you
  • Be enthusiastic – share your interests and passions
  • Be willing to make at least ONE contribution during November

So, are you up for the challenge? We dare you….


  • Matthew Cooke

    I have come into this late as well, but thinking about new staff...relationships, relationships, relationships.  Look for 'evidence' rather than perception that can, in my experience, guide too much of our thinking and decision making.