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Ulearn11 reflection

Ulearn - brilliant!!I was fortunate enough to be one of the team from Mantar Cluster to attend the ulearn conference this year. It was an inspiring and motivating conference with so many fantastic speakers and presenters. Legends like, Dr. Julia Atkin, Trevor Bond, Dr. Jan Herrington, Karen Boyes, Eric Frangenheim and Simon Breakspear, amongst others, were on my list of breakouts and keynotes. I have pages of notes and resource links that I can't wait to get out there with the staff this term and into next year. Two of the breakouts I attended centred around Inquiry Learning with Dr. Julia Atkin and Trevor Bond. Both breakouts complimented each other well and re-visited focuses such as why are we doing inquiry?, what are the skills processes, attitudes and attributes we want learners to develop to become effective inquirers?, focusing on task driven learning that is personally meaningful and highly engaging. Trevor Bond suggested the shift of focus from the word Inquiry to the word Learning - simple yet effective as I think that many teachers have become a little overwhelmed with focusing on getting learners to be effective questioners and the actual tasks are focused on questions - not the other way around - the tasks inspiring the questions and natural curiosity of children. The concept of authentic contexts came out loud and clear in several of the breakouts I attended. I am looking forward to sharing back some of my learning with staff and also setting challenges about the teaching and learning that happens within our school and how we can better integrate and develop our 21st C learners through inquiry, e-learning and effective thinking.

All of this valuable learning, as well as networking over a few lemonades at the conference dinner, made ulearn11 a brilliant session of professional learning for myself and sparked up some more enthusiasm to help motivate staff to reflect on current practice and look for ways to improve outcomes for all our learners.  


  • Louise

    U learn was definitely an awesome experience. I was fortunate to attend some very valuable breakouts on integrating e learning into my classroom practice. I was particularly interested in Dr. Jan Herringtons session on using mobile technology within the classrooms as a learning tool and feel that this is an area which will develop in the future as most students have access to a mobile ph. The message that was most obvious during the conference was that ICT and inquiry learning must be give/taught in an authentic context which is interesting both to the teacher and the learner. During the conference I have attended sessions on ICT learning such as "i can animate" and "art rage" which I will be able to bring back to school and share with my colleagues.