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By Peter Hills

The commitment at our place is to personalising the learning for all - so BYOD is a natural step in that direction. In such a blended/differentiated/IEP driven environement the users have been swift to express their desire/support.  We went from 250 devices to around 400 devices in 6 months once we opened it up.  On our network (access via wireless only and only to the web) the learners/staff/visitors/night classes/holiday programmes/guests are happy.  

Yes you need to ensure the integrity of the network and the safety of the users but you also need to balance/encourage the paths students and staff take, and allow risks/successes anfd failures.  

Our point of difference is we are browser driven via a cloud network with wireless everywhere and a commitment to the process of growth/learning.  

Next year the users will get the same look and feel access from home for all (as if they were at school) - so where does that leave BYOD?