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Using the blog as a window into the classroom

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By Kate Dare

As a staff we have developed a set of success criteria for 'WALT: successfully use the blog as window into our classroom learning.'

Our SC:

  • Regular postings on blog (at least 2 a week)
  • Non-negotiables followed
  • Variety of different Curricullum areas (Integration)
  • Reflective and critical thinking
  • Weekly comment on Buddy's or others blog
  • Student voice and ownership of blog
  • Shows the process of learning, not always just the final product
  • Variety of tools used for publishing

To take staff through this I used 1:4:P:C:R, co-operative thinking tool introduced to me by Eric Fragenhiem at ULearn. Rather than run a PD just on co-operative thinking tools, to make these meaningful for teachers I will be using these as part of PD sessions, where teachers have to go through the process. I believe they are more likely to use these in their classroom if they have experienced these tools themselves.