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BYOD workshop at ULearn

The event that got this group going was the BYOD panel discussion at this year's ULearn conference. Panelists were:

Each person shared the experience of BYOD at their school - highlighting the drivers (technological and pedagogical) behind the decisions that were made for their school. Some key issues that emerged included:

  • open vs closed systems
  • any device vs specific device
  • local applications vs the cloud
  • planning for the horizon, acting for next year
  • professional learning, pedaogy and assessment
  • wireless management, technical support
  • safety, security, policy

This group has been created to let these discussions continue, and to allow those who are workin with BYOD appraoches to share the successes (and failures) they have, so that we all, as an education community, may benefit and together grow/develop future-focused learning environments where students are able to use a personally owned device to support their learning.

A Google Doc was started for people to share their thoughts - please feel free to add to this your own ideas and questions. 


  • Philip Buchanan

    As I missed the BYOD session at ULearn11, I will follow this with interest, and have already posted on the VLN discussion.  Very interested in the opinions/experience of others who shared, or could have - in response to my intentions re wireless connectivity for students as per my posting on the VLN.