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Managing iPads

melindamay via groups: Re:Managing ipads

Our yr 7-8 students ( a group of 6) have had 1:1 iPads this year. The rest
of the school is 1:2 iPods. There're are also a reasonably large group of
students that have parent provided devices.
I think it essential that the teacher has control of what apps to purchase.
Staff have become more and more discerning in purchasing apps. We look
forward to volume purchasing but In the meantime the teacher syncs device
to their laptop. Students now are starting to take control of managing the
apps that they need, we encourage the chn to delete apps that are not
appropriate to them, and each device differs depending on the individual
students needs.
The school controls the parent provided devices as well - if it comes to
school as a learning tool, we expect to control it, just like writing books
and other stationery.
Next year the seniors, yrs6-8 will be 1:1 leased iPads (25 students) school
will pay half and the cost to parents will be $150 per year.
There is huge power when each child has their own device. For schools not
fortunate enough to be in our position I agree that having a set that is
enough for every child in a group to work on one is a good option. Our
senior readers have had great success using ebooks on the iPad as part of
their English novel study programme.

Ahuroa School, north Auckland, near Warkworth/Puhoi. We are a full primary
with 60 students.


  • Danny Bedingfield


    Can i ask, how are you leasing the iPads? Who are you doing this through?

    I agree that if a device is coming to school for learning purposes then it should be controlled by the school. A learning device should not contain a large variety of arcade games etc.

    Do you have one iTunes acount for the school for purchasing apps or do you let the teachers have individual accounts?