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Just wondering what tablets people are using in their classes and for what purposes.  I've used an iPad but have just fallen in love with the Samsung Galaxy Note (out in November).  Have you seen it?


  • Glen

    At CORE we have been looking at the different options recently, and we will have a sample of 3 for people to play around with at the CORE stand at ULearn. We have tried:

    • iPad 2 ($799)
    • A cheap Android iPad clone ($400)
    • A Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 ($799)

    You get what you pay for is certainly true with tablets. While the cheap android tablet looks reasonably solid, and runs ok, the screen is not as responsive as the more expensive models, and it doesn't run some apps like Google Maps. 

    Although the iPad is a nice bit of kit, I have to say that the Galaxy tab, running Android 3, is very nice - marginally thinner and lighter than the iPad, and the overall setup and user experience is almost as smooth. The one thing that would really sell the Galaxy to me at the moment is the fact that it comes with Swype for text input. Having used Swype on my HTC Android phone for a while now I would find it very painful going back to the Apple keyboard one letter at a time approach.


  • Iona Rait

    Have you seen the Galaxy Note?  Do you think it offers more than the Tablet 10.1?