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e-Learning Round-Up | 10 October 2011

Happy holidays! Now you’ve got time for an e-learning catch-up - all the ICT-goodness from across the VLN Groups.



Member of the week


Each week we'll profile someone who has made a valuable contribution to our e-Learning community. This week, it's....

Suzie Vesper: Many of you may know Suzie from her work for CORE Education as a Digi Advisor for the Ministry of Education's Software for Learning and Digistore. She is a regular contributor to e-learning conversations and she is a guest presenter for two Enabling e-Learning webinars in term 4.




Group of the Week


e-Accessibility: Strategies and recommendations for making your online content more accessible to a wider audience.




A sneak peek: eLearning in VLN Groups




  • Sustainability: How can we plan for sustainability after the duration of our ICT PD contract? What keeps schools learning after a contract has ended?



Professional Learning




Professional Learning Events



Teaching and Learning  |  Digital Citizenship


  • Futures Channel: Karen Mills shares this resource which aims to produce and distribute high quality multimedia content which educators in any setting can use to enliven curriculum, engage students and otherwise enhance the learning experience.
  • Play and curiosity as foundations for learning: In an article, shared by Liz Stevenson, Peter Gray, who specialises in developmental and evolutionary psychology, writes convincingly in support of students teaching themselves. How might this approach be supported by ICTs?




NEN Trial:

  • Evaluation Report Series: Report No. 1 considers the experiences of a group of 'proof of concept' schools. These schools were connected to the NEN Trial in 2008. 
  • Trial Evaluation Report Series: Report No. 2 considers the use of digital technologies in six schools from the wider Ashburton region. The Ashburton cluster was chosen for this research as it offered a baseline of ICT usage in schools prior to their connection to the NEN Trial Extension. 


iPad/iTouch technology

  • VoiceThread app for iPad, iPod & iPhone: Mandy Dempsey blogs about the new VoiceThread app. which can provide another way for students to directly contribute to the class wiki, blog or Ultranet page from the iPad/iPod.



Beyond the Classroom





VLN Tip: Help! 


The ‘Help’ group allows anyone to post a question or suggestion, and the responsive tech/admin team will be right along with advice.




e-Learning on the Wire…


The Wire is the micro-blogging stream in the VLN. Posts appear in the activity stream…Here’s what we heard:


  • Gina Kitchen: I am at the moment watching the NE five year olds in my class teach each other skills using the laptops. I love my job!
  • Enabling e-Learning: Working my way through all the new member notices in my inbox. Bowled over by the HUGE interest in Enabling e-Learning. Ka rawe, everyone:-)



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