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Reflection time for Somerset Tekids

As the time for our school-wide action plans etc to be completed is drawing near - a big part of our ICT action plan reflection will obviously need to be based around the Tekids component. I have asked Louise to complete an individual reflection on the Tekids successes and next steps for this year herself. 2011 TEKIDS EFFECTIVENESS REVIEW.docx  This was partially initiated due to the Mantar Teacher Survey responses around Tekids - they were interesting and not always overly positive - mainly in terms of not having time to use the tekids, not knowing exactly what they were up to etc.

Louise has taken my reflection sheet one step further and is handing to our tekids their own review sheet, based around two simple questions - what are your thoughts about tekids? and - what would you like to see more or less of to improve tekids? Remembering that this is just in relation to what happens at our school. This part helps link very well to our national goal relating to the children growing as reflective leaders of e-learning.

It will be very interesting to see the responses that come back from this and it will allow for a thorough review and next step analysis of tekids at Somerset Cres. Input has been/will be gathered from the teaching staff, the TIC tekids, myself and, most importantly, the tekids themselves.

An initial step I can already see is to involve our community more - an opportunity for this will arise at our celebration next term, where we have already drafted up a feedback form for parents who attend to complete. Also the engagement of our school support staff could be an area of focus as many of them have asked for,(and received from other staff), basic ICT support throughout the year - a perfect opportunity for the tekids to step up.