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Is all this interactivity really a good thing?

As I was working with the very young children (6yo) on Thursday I was thinking that all this iPad interactivity, on its own, may actually not be a good thing.


Did I tell you that I now have an iPad2 that will project through a data projector??
When we had the book 'Morris Lesmore' projected from the iPad onto the classroom ordinary whiteboard we could stop at the various places and discuss what was happening in the story and nothing particularly interactive happened in the story unless the user wanted it too which is something I really liked about it.

Other stories progress automatically from page to page which doesn't give the teacher much of an opportunity to help children make connections with the text.

Then the children were keen to read the book on their own they were much more intent on doing the interactive bits than listening/reading the story.
I wondered then if all the interactivity of the app was actually lessening the children's desire to actually read the text.
Although they loved the app did they equally love the reading experience??

I am not so sure?

What do you think? 


  • Dave Winter

    Hmm can't answer wether all this interactivity is a good thing. The pad apps I guess are almost redefinine part of a reading experience. Pam Hook has some interesting thoughts on this.


    Reading is a funny way of getting information in. Taking abstract symbols to represent word and ideas. I personally have a love hate relationship with it. Quite happy to learn through a picture or movie sometimes because reading is harder for me and sometimes less rewarding.

    My guess is they loved the app Or the story more than the reading experiance.

    Well that is my thinking at 10.08 on  Wed November 9

  • Allanah King

    Maybe that's the thing really. What was the purpose of the sharing the app with kids. I wasn't, in that instance, trying to teach them to read explicitly. I was merely sharing the experience of reading together. On reflection maybe I made more of it than I should have.

    If my intention had been to explictly teach reading I would probably have chosen a different app or not at app at all- maybe...... even........ a ...... book!