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Enthusiasm of schools

I have been reminded over the past few weeks as to how busy schools are on a daily basis and at many and varying levels. The schools that I am fortunate to develop a relationship with in regard to them progressing their eLearning status (and plans according to our eLPF) are juggling a myriad of requirements to ensure their schools are running efficiently and effectively. I take my hat off to them for wanting to open their doors for some continuous learning to their current status regarding their eLearning map. While I have the pleasure of having met one of these schools principals, I know I am not too far away from meeting the other principal in a F2F moment. In fact, according to the lovely young lady at reception, I missed meeting this principal - we worked out - by 2 minutes! How close can you get! Suffice to say, I suspect that this space in the VLN will be a great way to introduce our pilot schools to the 'Wonderment and awe' of the VLN :-)


  • Enabling e-Learning

    I enjoyed reading this reflection, Kathe. Ka pai:-) It is so important to remember the mad rush of tasks that schools are always fielding and to acknowledge what expert jugglers people are. I hope that community spaces like the VLN Groups will provide a quick way for people to connect, ask questions, locate resources...or reflect on how busy they are amongst colleagues!

  • Julius Solia

    Enthusiasm is a great thing to see in classrooms and getting the 'spark' lit can be challenging at times as you try to achieve it on a daily basis. All new ideas fill a void of excitement that leads to enthusiasm and its keeping that energy going that is satisfying to see when my students set about their tasks. Nothing like a bring delivery of lessons to kill the enthusiasm in your class.

  • Julius Solia

    Sorry ' a boring' delivery...