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E-Learning Experiences - Classroom Observations and Student Voice

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By Kate Dare


This term I have had the opportunity to visit other classes in school and observe day-to-day Elearning in practice. I have also had the opportunity to gather student voice by interviewing children from all levels of the school in groups.

Classroom Observations

ICT was observed being used appropriately to support a range of learning in classrooms.

  • Some of the ICT was being by teachers to support teaching.
  • Some of the ICT was being used by students to support learning.
  • ICT was being used to support connected curriculum, literacy and mathematics learning.

Student Interviews

I interviewed one child from each class in Junior, Middle and Senior Groups and focused on the following questions:

  • How do you use ICT in your classrooms?
  • How do you think ICT helps in your learning? 
  • How would you like to be using ICT?
  • How often do you use ICT in your classroom?
  • What are some of the problems about using ICT at St James’?
  • What suggestions would you make to improve ICT at St James’?




Children's responses indicated:

  • All children were able to explain how they used ICT and a range of learning was described.
  • Children at all levels said they were using ICT to support learning in Religious Education.
  • Not all children recognise the learning they are doing though ICT – learning by stealth!
  • The Junior students’ responses focused on the ICT learning that they had been doing, whereas the Middle and Senior focused more on the learning they were doing through ICT. This is similar to how children learn to read; children progress from learning to read to reading to learn (although they still need to develop their reading skills). When learning how to use ICT our children begin by learning to use ICT onto using ICT to learn (although they continue to need ICT skill input).
  • Most students questioned were able to explain how ICT helped them in their learning.
  • Student suggestions for using ICT in learning were tutorials, animation and more games.
  • Most children said they used ICT regularly (some children more than others) and Middle and Senior students explain how they used ICT in rotations.
  • Students at all levels had experienced problems with the reliability of computers.
  • Students are developing an understanding of and use e-learning tools to enhance and support their learning.