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Mathletics on an iPad

People said it couldn't be done but I have borrowed a Mathletics log in and am working inside Mathletics moving artifacts and entering answers. 

I have downloaded the free Puffin web browser app and it works a treat!



  • Chris Bradbeer

    Thanks Allanah

    According to mathletics Puffin works well but iSwifter is even better.


  • Allanah King

    iSwifter is a paid app though. Puffin is free. 

  • Fraser Scott Campbell

    Ahhh...have just set-up first of school's ipads and was having problems with logging in. Was coming up with an error message saying that I could not log in and to please try again later. Called the Mathletics help desk who suggested I uninstall then reinstall the app. That didn't work. CAlled back, said they'd get back to me in a couple of days. Good to know it's been made a priority! Anyone got experience of sumdog and how it compares to Mathletics BTW?

  • Ruth Soper

    My students haven't taken to Sumdog as much as Mathletics but particularly Mathsbuddy. Sumdog's English is not free.  Bonus though is Mathletics has the tablet app.