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Microsoft Roadshow

I attended the Microsoft roadshow and now I am even more intent on using OneNote. OneNote ensures that your documents are real-time - rather than having documents in various folders and then never knowing if you are viewing the latests document.

So often we have so many documents that link to each other - i.e. our staff telephone tree is in the staff handbook but also in the emergency management plan and in the Human Resources document on the staff shared drive...... who knows where else?

I will now be moving our Staff Handbook onto OneNote so that all the documents hyperlink within OneNote. We have been using OneNote for our SMT Meetings so that people can add agenda items without e-mailing the minute taker. I have managed to convince the Student Support team, HOF team and the International Students Team to use OneNote and they are sold on it.

The next thing I will be doing is moving our Appraisal documentation to OneNote. We will put a template on the staff shared drive and once staff start the appraisal cycle they can use the template and keep all their supporting evidence on OneNote - even video feedback, survey results etc

I think the next step is to get the Unit Plans on OneNote so that it will be the most up to date document for everyone to access.

So excited!