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Planning for BYOD

There is a lot of talk these days about BYOD in schools. How to go about it, what do we need to have in place, what devices should we allow?

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The MLE (Managed Learning Environment) listserve has an increasing amount of discussion based on this article. If you are interested in joining this discussion let me know. 

Here is one entry with some well thought out ideas on implementation. 


We are looking to establish a separate wifi network with a simple password that is largely unfiltered (except for the obvious stuff for a primary school) that kids can connect to with anything they want to bring - cell ph, ipad, laptop, ipod, psp, whatever. We would look to have it operational for school hours only as well to control bandwidth usage. We are in the first UFB rollout in 2012 so this is a good way to make full use of this too. Our obligation would be to have the wifi network running and available - theirs is to connect, backup, repair, insure and so-on their personally owned devices.
We will still have desktops/laptops in classrooms for kids to use - so it is not BYOD or nothing ...
Anyway ... I am keen for any usage agreements, planning or other documentation people are willing to share relating to a BYOD programme you may have in place or planned. 
The BoT is pretty nervous about the school obligations around theft, breakages, equity, etc and I am keen to tap into the collective wisdom/solutions on those issues rather than beginning with a metaphorical blank piece of paper.
Many thanks
Greg Carroll
Outram School



  • Gerard Macmanus

    Woudl love to see how schools are surveying students/community, gaining information for presentation to the board.

    Some questions that i think may need to be in a survey are:

    Name, Year Level, just so we can seperate the data by year

    Do you have a cellphone, make, model if known?

    Which provider do you have your cellphone with?

    Do you bring a Media player to school, itouch for example?

    Have you access to a laptop that you could bring to school?

    Do you think that [name of school] should consider the possibility of Bring Your Own Device to school?

    Which devices do you think would be best used within a classroom
    - ebook eg kindle, kobu
    - notebook
    - netbook
    - tablet computer
    - tablet device, ie, ipad, galaxy tab

    Is there an class that you think you will be able to use these devices in?

    Should the initial focus be on Junior or Senior Classes?


    I would love to know if you think there are some other questions that should be added? DO we look at Social Networking?