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TeKids at KHS

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By Erica Leggett

With mahem starting to kick in as we feel the end of year pressure increasing our TeKids have been allocated a morning out of class where they can get together to meet and plan. They have learnt to step up in this role and have started to take on more responsibilities within the school - starting with running lunchtime workshops and now getting into classrooms to share their learning with the other children. They have loved having this time to focus on their roles. Our ICT book contains tasks that they must complete and optional/things to think about tasks - these are set together.


Our TeKids ran a workshop at the Student Led Conference - this proved to be a nerve wracking task and something that they warmed to as the workshop progressed. They had to deal with technological issues (as always) and then ensure that the children had come away knowing what they had set out to achieve. They were well organised and this was a fabulous learning experience for our children - take them away from presenting to children that they know and it's a whole different story.