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e-Learning Round-Up | 20 September 2011

This week's round-up of e-learning goodness from across the VLN Groups.



Member of the week

Each week we'll profile someone who has made a valuable contribution to our e-Learning community. This week, it's....

Barbara Reid: Based in Hamilton, Barbara has a passion for all things e-learning and has contributed to many discussions and activities here on the VLN, as well as supporting the King Country Cluster.



Group of the Week

BYOD=Bring Your Own Device: A new group for schools to discuss processes and strategies for allowing students to bring different devices to school.






A sneak peek: eLearning in VLN Groups



  • EdTalks video: Creative Commons in Schools: Bookmarked by Toni Twiss, this video of Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media (Educational Leaders’ Forum 2011) explores the importance of schools understanding Creative Commons and how to provide safe, legal ways of using digital media in the classroom. 

Professional Learning

  •  ICT PD Online Blog: Two clusters have recently shared their story about professional learning communities.
  • Cyber safety and digital footprint: A discussion started by Mary (Children as e-Learners group) for people to share how their schools are tacking cyber safety and digital citizenship.



Professional Learning Events

  • Hamilton Leaders event (23rd September), 2pm at Southwell School with DK (Social media Manager for CORE Education) looking at social media (Facebook, Twitter, social networking) in schools. All welcome.

Teaching and Learning  |  Digital Citizenship

  • Students leading e-learning: Read about how The TeKids at St James’ have continued to share their leadership and e-learning knowledge within their school (posted by Kate Dare) 

Software for Learning snapshots:

  • Using SurveyMonkey to support formative assessment in maths.

  • Viddex: Creating authentic contexts for writing and reading using online resources.

  • Using Sportypal to personalise and extend athletic achievement.         
  • Geocaching: Creating an authentic learning opportunity for students and staff.
  • Jing Supporting students to develop their ability to self-assess their learning using ‘Jing’.
  • Blogger: Engaging students in the writing process


Software for Learning snapshots:

  • iWork: Primary students use computer generated illustrations and video to make explicit the connections between oral, written and visual language when creating texts.

    UltraNet and video: This snapshot documents the use of the video function on mobile phones and a Learning Management System- Ultranet:U Space. The context is developing students ability to set, share and evaluate goals. The selected learning context is ‘swimming’.

  • Dabbleboard: Creating authentic contexts for problem solving in mathematics using screen capture software to demonstrate thinking.
  • A Book Creator App: Shared by Allanah, this is ePub Book creator you actually make on the iPad instead of making on your computer and sending to the iPad.

Beyond the Classroom



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e-Learning on the Wire…

The Wire is the micro-blogging stream in the VLN. Posts appear in the activity stream…Here’s what we heard:

  • Tania: @KatheTP sharing with 25+ teachers the huge benefits of the VLN community:-)

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