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Consistency, Scaffolding And Building On The Skills We Have Gained

It has always been our intention to keep our focus on doing a few things but doing them very well.  We laid these foundation with our thinking tools with a schedule of introducing DATT at each classroom level and building on this in the following years.  So it has been with ICT.  We introduced blogging two years ago and committed to making this a quality learning and reflective tool.  We search (and continue to do so) for Web 2.0 tools that offer opportunities for thinking, planning, learning and reflection.  One of these tools is Voicethread.  We use it from our New Entrants through to our Seniors.  This particular post focuses on our Years 3/4.  In the following example the students have used a recent unit on the R.W.C. to explain what they needed to do and how they went about it.  They independently scripted what they had to say and then set themselves up on Voicethread to record their thoughts.  They are practiced at presenting an 'audience holding' voice.  This has been specifically taught to students and they now self and peer critique themselves.  Each student has also offered reflective statements to peers learning.