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TeKids St James - Student sharing leadship with school - Students Reflecting

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By Kate Dare

The TeKids at St James’ have continued to share their leadership and e-learning knowledge within our school. Lunchtime and Morning Tea sessions are now in their third term this year. Some sessions are designed specifically for Juniors and others for Middles and Seniors.

Children sign up for these sessions so that we have an idea of the number of children who are going to attend. Sessions to give TeKids additional training of what they will be teaching that term are included in the termly timetable. Last term the TeKids focused on teaching other children about PowerPoint, considering that this would be used for lots of Digi Award entries this term; however, this term the TeKids themselves decided what they would be teaching in each session this term.


The TeKids have recently reflected on Morning Tea and Lunchtime Sessions. Their reflections showed:

  • All the TeKids are very clear about their role during these sessions.

White Hat - What do you in TeKids Morning Tea and lunchtime sessions?

“Teach others cool stuff.”

“Help other people learn about ICT.”

“Teachers other what I have learnt.”

“I teach the kids what to do.”

“TeKids teach other kids.”

  • Some of the TeKids are clear about the process they need to go through to help others to learn.

Blue Hat – What do you do that helps other children to learn?

“Let them control the laptop, and just give them directions.”

“I show them how to do it and then get them to copy what I did.”

“I run over the instruction and then let the person who I am teaching do it.”

  • Children see that the good points of these sessions are that they get to go on the laptops, discover new things, but also that they get to teach others.

Yellow Hat – What are the good points about the TeKids Morning Tea and Lunchtime sessions?

“We get to go on the laptops.”

 “You get to go on computers and discover new things!”

“The good points were I got to go on the laptops.”

“Other people learn new things.”

“Teaching. Meeting Juniors I don’t know.” 

  • Children see that the bad points of these sessions are that sometimes the other children do not turn up and that they miss out on play time.

Black Hat – What is one bad point about the TeKids Morning Tea and Lunchtime sessions?

“Sometimes people don’t come.”

“I get no play outside.”

“When no one shows up.”

“Sometimes people did not turn up.”

  • To help teach other children, the children believe that they need to learn more about ICT, but also how to help guide others.

Green Hat – What do you think you need to learn more about to help you teach others about ICT?



“I think I need to be able to summarise the instructions better.”

“What I don’t know, but I don’t know what that is.”

“Using the key shortcuts.”


  • Children generally feel positive about the sessions, although they do not like missing out on play time.

Red Hat - How do you feel about the TeKids Morning Tea and Lunchtime Sessions?

“I think they are a good learning experience for others and myself.”

“They are OK.”

“They are a waste of play time.”


“Happy because you feel good about teaching other people.”

“Happy because you feel good that they know.”


How will I use this information?

I will used this reflection information, along with responses from staff and student questions and using research of similar programmes in other schools, to reflect on and improve the TeKids programme within St James’ next year.