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Learning Development - The Process is still the same

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By Maria

We now live in a world where e-learning has taken a prominent step forward.  But e-learning is still learning and it still follows a process, like all learning.  No matter your age we all have to work through the novelty stage, this is where we tentatively explore and we gain confidoence and become bolder.  This is what we used to call 'Process not Product'.  The e-learning process looks exactly like our former learning process.  We move from the novelty stage to a period of consolidation before we can consider ourselves experts.  For our school, this year was about consolidation.  We wanted time to practice and move through the novelty stage.  Last week, at TeKids I saw our students from Aokautere move from consolidation to look more like experts.  We have used Voicethread for just over a year at our school (in every class).  It has been the focus of many of our in-school TeKids Fridays as well as being a part of our daily classroom life.  Voicethread was the focus of the Cluster TeKids.  St James TeKids did an awesome job of leading the TeKids through the learning process.  For our students they enjoyed using their skills and taking it to the next level.  They wrote scripts, made sure that their voices had expression and made their commentary interesting for their audience.  http://voicethread.com/?#u961503.b2210572