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Beyond the experts

It has been incredibly rewarding watching our TeKids grow and develop as leaders and thinkers within both the Cluster and our school. However, the trick is in not just having a few holding all the knowledge, but being able to infuse this across the school. At present, this has been highly successful in my own classroom and that is, in part, due to the time I dedicate to sharing skills with all students. If I need to add anything to my wiki, I do it in front of the class showing them step by step so that they are learning as I am doing - this has been very successful. So too, has been the fact that 5 of the 6 TeKids for our school are based in my room. I have them available to help others, to share their expertise and to relieve some of the workload for me. All of this based within an environment that supports thinking for yourself, asking those with expertise, and teaching rather than just showing. All of my students are now confident users of ICT although some need more support before they are able to make their own ICT choices - but all have the confidence and skill to use a range of ICTs relevant to their learning. How, though, do I now spread this among the remaining 4 classes? One step has been to provide a booking system for the TeKids to support teachers in class. This has begun fairly successfully (although a little slow to get off the ground) but does appear to be more about the students up-skilling the teachers, than helping, supporting and training other students. The TeKids are also about to launch their first lunchtime workshop so it will be interesting to see how this develops and who will attend - hopefully this will be the first major step in supporting the 'non experts' in our school.