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Student Voice

The TeKids at Terrace End have made significant progress in both their confidence and skill in using a variety of ICT tools to enhance their learning. In fact, several of these students are now actively using them to complete homework tasks and add them to their page on our class wiki: http://room6rockstars.wikispaces.com/sandy including prezi, spicy nodes and scribd (some of these have been new skills they have aquired by asking when there has been a need rather than just what has been learnt at TeKids sessions). However, my concern is that although the students are using these with more regularity and with increasing discernment of what and how they use it, there is not enough 'student voice' evident on our wiki space. Our wiki has become the vehicle for our teaching and learning - to demonstrate the how, why and what of what we do every day. But getting the students to voice their choices and explain their process has been somewhat in the 'too hard' basket. Often this is due to time constraints. There is just so much to squeeze into the day. My next step, in my room, is to begin to use some of these tools to show reflective thinking and for the students to now use their knowledge to teach others. We frequently use a range of thinking strategies/tools in the classroom (habits of mind, thinkers keys, graphic organisers, thinkers hats etc) so my goal is to infuse these tools with ICT to create more student voice around their choices and validating why.