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TeKids session Week 6 Term 3

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By Mary Rivers

This was a fantastic session run by students from St James' Catholic School. It is very exciting to see our students leading these sessions. Not only do they lead, though, they plan and organise the entire session which brings together a range of skills including leadership, key competencies and inquiry. The Terrace End students were very engaged in this and have verbalised there significant enjoyment in both of the last two sessions which have been student led. This particular session was on Voice Thread and the TE TeKids were keen to use this back in the classroom. At this stage I will get the students to use this to create a learning opportunity around an area of maths - most likely teaching others about fractions. I would like them to try and use their new knowledge to teach others. We have, as LTs', noticed how much more efficient these TeKids sessions have become as the children have grown in confidence and skill. There is a significantly increased amount of time allocated to allowing the students to become familar and confident with the new skill/tool implemented at each session. There also appears to be more opportunity for students to practice this back and school and teach others. We are now very excited about our end of year celebration and being able to showcase all we have learnt this year.