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e-Learning Round-Up | 12 September 2011

Welcome to all those new members who joined the e-Learning groups here on the VLN this week.

Here's this week's round-up of e-learning goodness from across the VLN Groups.


Member of the week

Each week we'll profile someone who has made a valuable contribution to our e-Learning community. This week, it's....

  • Chrissy: Chrissy Ngere Ngere, who posts glimpses into her work via the Wire, is the ICT facilitator for the Ruapani cluster in Gisborne.  She is a total immersion teacher who teaches Yr 5-6 children. Ka rawe, Chrissy! 



Group of the week

Netsafe: This group, facilitated by Sean Lyons, provides an avenue to talk to them their work promoting confident, safe, and responsible use of cyberspace.


A sneak peek: eLearning on the VLN 



Professional Learning

  • Teaching the Teachers: ICT PD at Epsom Girls: Claire Amos uploaded a presentation which gives an insight into their ICT plans for 2012.



Professional Learning Events


Teaching and Learning |  Digital Citizenship

  • QR Codes #6 Pick-a-path stories: Start a story, collate the contributions and convert to QR code. Very interactive mode of communicating, via Allanah King.
  • Google docs: Dave Winter (Connected Cluster) posted on the power of Google docs to support collaborative development of knowledge. 
  • The Flipped Classroom: A neat infographic explains this particular way of teaching, in which technology allows students to engage in the content before you explore it in class.


  • Focus on Animation: Simon Evans (Software for Learning) explores the many animation software packages available for you and your students. Where do you begin?

iPads and tablets


Beyond the Classroom

  • Flat Stanley: Global project app: Barbara Reid's shares a link to the new app for this international literacy and community building activity for students of all ages. 



VLN Tip of the week: Your profile

The beauty of VLN Groups is that our previously-hidden learning networks are visible. We can see that a trusted colleague has connections to other educators who it would be great to know and connect with professionally.

But if you have a grey head and an empty profile, it’s harder to make those connections. Upload an image (that you own) and a few professional details to help you build your professional learning network. Here's some help to get started.


e-Learning on the Wire…

The Wire is the micro-blogging stream in the VLN…Here’s what we heard:

  • mcooke: Hi I am new to the VLN.  Our school is currently looking at an access to google apps called HAPARA.  Any thoughts?image
  • megan.stewart:  We are at a Lead Teacher Day. I would like to make contact with lead teachers at other area schools throughout NZ
  • sean.netsafe: Trying to jam Hectorsworld into a box!
  • Gerard Macmanus: working through what Kaitao Intermediate School is looking at for tablets for every student, B09 Google Android 2.2 10.1 inch
  • Ihipera Whakataka: anyone out there got Mimio? 
  • Matthew Thomas: Loving the new WebDAV setup at school. Now I can transfer across movies and images wirelessly to our Server / Macs quickly and easily.


Images: photostock |  renjith krishnan  |  fotographic1980  |  jscreationzs ... all @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net