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ICT and e-learning re-visited!

I held a staff meeting recently with the title the same as this blog post! The aims of the meeting were to give the staff time to reflect on their e-learning and ICT use this year as well as to bring it back into the forefront of their minds. Alongside this were some new ideas to have a go and try out. This was driven from the Lead Teacher session held with Lyn Ross earlier this term. The reason for the 'bringing it back into the forefront...' is that same old saying, "we've had so much else on that it's been hard to focus on!" This is true, we are undergoing some major PD in big areas this year - ESOL, Maori Achievement, Literacy... (bring out the violins!!) Funny side story though,- the e-learning component of the meeting had to be cut short as we had to discuss some other big areas and issues - ha! However - it was a good, if a little short, session to get the ideas flowing again and put the e-learning punch back into all areas. Again, some ideas on effective integration were discussed and new tools to explore given out so staff had something tangible to go off and try, as well as time to reflect and maybe re-focus on this area.

ICT Revisited T3 2011.pptx


  • Enabling e-Learning

    Really enjoying reading your blog and getting insights into your school's professional learning, Tony. We have shared links in our weekly round-up, as there are others on the VLN who are in the same situation [/pg/blog/read/115069/elearning-roundup--12-september-2011

  • Nick Rate

    Hi Tony, Thanks for unpacking how you are sustaining the momentum of elearning within your school and keeping it as much as possible at the forefront of teachers' day to day learning and teaching. It is great to see also that the new knowledge gained from the lead teacher days is having a direct impact on the shape of professional learning at Somerset. You point out the issue of time in a busy life of a teacher. You may find this blog post a good conversation starter for your next meeting: http://www.edutechintegration.com/2010/06/common-misconception-5-technology.html

  • Tony Greer

    Thanks for the feedback and links (e-learning in NZ Schools and Nick)! Great article Nick and one I totally agree with. I guess the body of my original post also alluded to me as a leader finding the time to facilitate, support, guide and lead within the school with so much else on the go. However, that's the reality of 21stC teaching, learning and leading - as the article made reference to - it's about making the time, not moaning about not having enough of it!! Cheers.Laughing