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St James TeKids - Sharing Expertise Across the Cluster

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By Kate Dare

St James’ TeKids have been sharing their ICT expertise across the Cluster. Today the St James’ TeKids ran a workshop for the other Mantar Cluster TeKids around how to use Voice Thread. To do this they used their leadership and e-learning skills that they have developed through TeKids sessions, through running lunch time workshops and through attending the Student Led Conference in Feilding.

The TeKids used the workshop styles modelled at the Feilding Conference as a format on which to base their presentations. They prepared a PowerPoint handout that was a step by step guide, with some time planned in the session for free exploration, and as one child talked through the handout, the others modelled using the projector.

They used strategies, such as clapping to get people’s attention and put your hand in the air when your ready move on, to help them manage the large group. They also made sure they moved around supporting and guiding children where necessary.

This session was successful and ran smoothly. The children gained positive feedback from their peers such as, “It was helpful that you had handout and went in steps.” They also received feed forward to improve their presentation skills, such as “You could point where the buttons are on the screen more.”

This is a good stepping stone to next term where the TeKids will be running workshops for parents and BOT members.