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TeKids Term 3 Week 6 Group Reflection

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By Kate Dare

This week St James' Year 6 TeKids lead the session for the other TeKids. This session focused on learning about the different things that can be done using Voice Thread.

The TeKids are taking on more leadership responsibilites; the St James TeKids planned this session, created a powerpoint and notes to help them teach others. They received postive feedback from ther peers on the session they ran and were given a couple of suggestions for improving their presentation skills.

All of the TeKids seemed to be more independent, confident, cooperative and able to problem solve more than from when we first started. The children are now running the session and are enjoying it; lead teachers are now acting more as facilitators of the learning, rather than the deliverers. As children are becoming more confident, it is easier to take ideas back and use them in the classroom.