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e-Learning Round-up | 5 September 2011

Welcome to all those new members who joined the e-Learning groups here on the VLN this week.

Here's this week's round-up of e-learning goodness from across the VLN Groups.



Member of the week

Each week we'll profile someone who has made a valuable contribution to our e-Learning community. This week, it's....

  • Sam Cunnane: Sam is based at Fraser High School. He describes himself as "Visual Arts teacher. Curriculum disrupter. Arts Online facilitator. eLearning experimenter. Photographer" and he is using his experience in technologies to lead the way in online community support for the Arts. 



Group of the week

  • e-Learning: Leadership: An open space to support school leaders lead change, develop vision, policy and strategy to integrate ICTs into learning.



A sneak peek: eLearning on the VLN




Professional Learning

  • Support from the Digi Advisors: They are offering free professional development sessions to groups or schools through 'Online Snacks'. These are workshops run virtually through online tools such as Adobe Connect or Skype. They are asking for commentary back on what YOU think would like further support with.



Professional Learning Events


Teaching and Learning |  Digital Citizenship




Beyond the Classroom



VLN Groups: Tip of the week: Groups

There are many groups here on the VLN, but if you find and join your favourites they’ll become your touchstones. To find them easily:

  • join a group, then 
  • add it to your favourites, and 
  • make sure you have the Groups widget on your dashboard. All your favourites will appear first.



e-Learning on the Wire…

The Wire is the micro-blogging stream in the VLN…Here’s what we heard:

  • samcunnane: Fun times simultaneously learning to use this VLN, teaching others how to use it, and discussing the new Level 2 standards.
  • Tessa Gray: Anyone familiar with working with Y9/Y10 students with inquiry learning? We'd love to hear from you @ http://fizurl.com/inquiry 

Images: photostock |  renjith krishnan  |  fotographic1980  |  jscreationzs ... all @ FreeDigitalPhotos.net