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e-mail to parents re Mobilise Me

At Baradene we are constantly striving to improve the learning experiences for our students.  We acknowledge that ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching and can open new and different ways of learning and as such we are committed to equipping students for a 21st century world. We are in the process of future-proofing our site so that each student will be able to bring their own netbooks to school and access our network.

 We have negotiated with a number of vendors and have come up with some Netbooks/Laptops which we believe will best suit the learning environment at Baradene. If you are considering purchasing a Netbook/ Laptop for your daughter please feel free to visit the  website at http://www.mobiliseme.co.nz/shop/BySchool/Auckland/Composite+7-13/Baradene+College.html for specifications.  

 If you have any technical enquiries please contact Cameron Reed, our New Era onsite technician at e-mail: support@baradene.school.nz or phone 524 6019 ext 712

 For all other enquiries please contact Theresa Bosch or DP – Student Support /Senior Leader in charge of ICT at e-mail: tbosch@baradene.school.nz or phone 524 6019 ext 707.