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I can animate presentation

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By Louise Comments (1)

The Somerset cres tekids did a presentation on animation today. They were meant to have done lots of prep work beforehand and a smooth no hick ups presentation but as with the nature of kids and me being not as prepared as I should have been it was a bit of a rush. I was very proud of my presenters as Atamea stepped into Liams shoes at the last minute and did a very good job explaining the powerpoint. We were explaining "i can animate" and found this a very easy program to use. All the tekids produced a five minute animation and seemed to enjoy themselves while working hard together (see PMI on the tekids wikispace). I am still struggling to get my tekids moving at times and they need constant supervision and help. Today when we got back to school we revisited i can animate and they all worked hard to create a short animation which they will be teaching in the classes hopefully next week. So watch this space.