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QR Codes #4 Text to World Connections


A while ago I was helping a young lad new to New Zealand learn to read. He was really keen to learn but found a lot of new vocabulary challenging.

We were reading ‘Mum at the Fair’ by Jill Eggleton. Central to the plot was Mum’s adventures on a ferris wheel.

Now- describing a ferris wheel to someone who has never seen one before is not nearly as informative as showing someone about it.

Next time I would put a QR code on the book that leads to a YouTube video of someone’s experiences on a ferris wheel.

Before reading the book the child would then have more of an idea of what the book is going to be about and what happens in it.



  • Miriam Tuohy

    Cool! My senior bookclub kids are going to make bookmarks with QR codes to live inside some of our library books, with codes for related things. e.g. for LionBoy we have this (not sure if my img paste will work, but trying anyway :-)