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  • Well I have done it. After attending L@schools in Hamilton earlier this year my confidence to set up my own blog grew. I came back all insipred and with the support of Gina and a Blog staff meeting I did it. I now have my own Blog and children have been using it and parents say its great. I continue to look at how I can improve it and where to from here. It work in progress.


    I will keep you updated on how this goes and where it takes me.


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    MST Blog

    By Sally Shroff

    Wow! MST, What can I say I am challenged yet inspired and I feel my confidence as a teacher has also grown.(I don't mind people popping in and out and observing) It is great to see children who really want to come and learn and ask me questions and generally have opened up and say where they need help. Some think we just have fun and it's not maths, little do they know they have been learning the whole time in an awesome learning environment that involves "Maths Discussions" They can argue that they are right on a problem as long as they can justify their argument.

    Well, this term has been fantastic I have had more challenges and look forward to seeing what is ahead for me. My groups seem to be moving forward with some children making so much progress I am looking at discountinuing them from my programme.Laughing

  • Our journey so far…Week Six

    Children have come back really motivated and wanting to extend themselves. Five out of the six children are now able to add two digit numbers such as 53 + 19 = They do this with ease and with confidence. All children are able to write three digit numbers and some four digit numbers. Children can now see the pattern of basic facts in maths addition for example 3+ 6 =9 so 23 + 6 = 29. (Oh there are 9 ones)

    I have had a positive response from a parent who was very emotional when discussing their child’s progress. This was very rewarding to me as a teacher.

    We are now focussing on using a variety of number stories to complete different problems. Homework this week is to continue to focus on basic facts to and including ten.