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  • The country's teachers have faced a significant challenge in responding to the educational needs in pandemics, actors who are crucial to continuing to ensure children's learning in the current context.

    The education of future generations is one of the most sensitive issues for society, and teachers are important actors in this task in the pandemic. Intending to accompany teachers' professional practice in the current context, the planning expert of wowessays.com shares the fundamental recommendations for day-to-day teaching in schools.

    One of the most critical issues to keep in mind for teachers is when planning, from the first moment they should think about and put into their heads the current conditions, such as respecting the capacity indicated by each classroom and the facilities of the establishments. Use masks at all times and promote frequent hand washing and alcohol gel for students.

    Such instructions should be reiterated from time to time and whenever necessary. For example, in an event as simple as consultation, students need to change their masks because of the pandemic.

    Concerning the content of the class, they work in the same way. In other words, the teacher has to respect the different moments of the class. Use an introductory and motivational beginning that connects with the previous class. Motivation is the key in successful teaching, as its lack leads to the urge to purchase essays in your students instead of learning your subject by themselves. In addition, teachers have to deal with students in the classroom and those connecting from home in this period. This means that a teacher can no longer move around the room. Once the class is over, the students must leave orderly for recess to sanitize the classroom.

    Coexisting between face-to-face and distance learning
    The form of content delivery has also changed with the pandemic. The teacher needs to be visible at all times in front of the camera for those who follow the class from a distance.

    When sanitizing the class, it is important that teachers invite students to participate in the development of the content, not only those in the classroom but also students at home.

    Another point to keep in mind is that we have to work on class norms with a standard of class norms that are different. Today, everyone has to raise their hand, either because it is raised by those at home from a computer or mobile device or because students physically raise it in the classroom.

    Teachers now have to speak more, but always take care not to force their voice too much because of the mask. They must speak more slowly and modulated because otherwise, it is more difficult for the students at home to follow the development of the class because they don't listen. The use of masks is compulsory at all times, these are issues that we have to adapt to.

    In this sense, it is essential to understand this new normality to accept it and thus facilitate the appropriate adaptation to these changes brought about by the pandemic. Teachers must be prepared to manage under the conditions and modality in which each establishment operates and depending on the step-by-step updates that the health authority is giving each week. Teachers have to get used to it, understand that we are in a different stage and that this stage is one of the new stumbling blocks. Once again, the scenario and the way of doing things has not changed.

    We will not come back at once, but we will do it step by step, for example, with adjusted content and hopefully with a single, modeled, and accompanied assessment, using examples relevant to the context. Finally, the closing of the class should invite the course group to keep coming back and continue to connect. These are fundamental issues because the joy of reunion has to show in our eyes. Our corporeality keeps us glued to the camera, but we have to be attentive to realize what is happening in the class.

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