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    Mum used to say  "do not hold back and do what  you can do, no matter how little". The emphases was  on ' DOing some thing' and not just talking about it.

    • Many teachers do not know what decile 1 schools look like : form inside.
    • And only a handful teachers know that we also have 1A decile schools too.
    • 1 A is a polite way of saying -1.

    Now those who can imagine decile -1, for them , through this post, I am going to add my koha on regular intervals. Koha has to be ongoing and spot on too.

    And as  Khalil Gibran said that we must learn to “distinguish between the gift that is an insult and the gift that is a token of respect“.ie giving advice without strategy or action plan. Stop smoking  or lose weight .........


    The main pupose of this blog/post ( and updates ) is not asking for paki paki or chip on my shoulder or browney points for those who are invovled in this collaborative effort through going an extra mile ( s) in delivering high school Technology Curriculum on a  shoe string budget. Funny I said that, becuase a shoe string is of no use in the absence of a shoe.



    Example 1:: Current Project 

    ( there will two more in  one in Electronics  and  one in  Food)


    Year 12 Technology are making two projects ( 6 + 6 =+ 14  credits)

    • An Electric Ukulele / Tahitian or Purtugese  style ( due to 90% PI learners)
    • A portable boom box with battery operated amplifier can be used with MP3

    Resources :: or absence of resources or what resources, You just make up a an imaginery wish list , otherwise minimummm.

                        The biggest resource are

    1.                     People / teachers/ learners ,
    2.                     Couple of  old mobile phones with camera
    3.                     1 digital camera for 200 + learners and 5 teachers to share
    4.                     5 Computers/ slow and steady on good day.
    5.                     they work at walking speed
    6.                     No wifi, it is forbidden word and will remain so for some years.
    7.                     No smart board hence perhahs not many smart learners
    8.                     Abundance of NO raw material  and workshop tools idle
    9.                     No luxary of a technology technician


    But overflow of  will power and plenty of zest in staff, perhaps trying to prove that if this whole universe was made out of NOTHING then there is hope to create  learning experiences by fetching  out resourcers from the 'thin air '.



    WHAT is In it for you

    How to intergarte eLearning tools with Woodwork, Electronics, Music, and the whole of Technology Process /analysing , designing, refining , production, diverse evidence gathering for NCEA moderators.


    We will work on this understanding that

    Some times having little is a blessing in a disguise


    Do not get me wrong we are NOT going to prove ourselves Jesus of Nazereth.

    Miracles hardly happen in Decile 1 A schools.

    It is DO-ing something about what you can do.

    It is not about what you can't do .

    Can't do is not DO-ing

    DO-ing is Doing

    no matter how microscopic.


    Please visit this blog once a week as it will get updated twice a week. 

    • One off production process
    • Batch manufactur
    • =====================
    • 9 August
    • We have started  with  some casual reseach. and looked at one good looking guitar amplifier.

      Aim to get some ideas on standards specifications, materilas used, functionality and output in terms of wattage.

      Some learners have decided to sway away from the cubical design and some are honestly confused to follow any lead.

      I am, on the otherhand, worried about the raw material for trailing out .

      They have to perhaphs agree upon the batch method and it will require some quality controls and testing.

      I have set up a Blogpage with what ever is comming in my old head.

      Constarints can be hurdles and also blessings. I am not talking about NCEA constraints.

      All workshop technology teachers are invited to see our blog and add a line or two of their skills/wisdom.We will appreciate your this koha

  • Kia Ora folks

    Sometimes we are too wrapped up in our own mishaps and self created micro discomforts that we forget the macro pains of others. My teenage son is worried about a pimple on his forheadand i am worried about the WOF for my 20 years old car.ie we are worried about things not worth worrieing about. For example, right now i am worried about spellings and punctuations. These are mirco worries.


    I have just drafted this little poem ( far from being called a poem but collections of reflections) hoping someone from this group with poetic pen will edit it for me. It will be KOHA to me and 80,000 innocents who got melted within 5 minutes of the the atomic blast and over 100,000 have been suffering from the aftermath/ radiations in form of complex cancers.

    Others can just read along and perhaps pickup on some mistakes I have made and try a add a line or two.


    • Aim is to make it a long collaboarative poem with integrated curriculum theme.
    • eLearning with emotional raw emotions
    • wars are fabricated by handful closeminded people, sufferening form ego or lack of it.


    Monday,6 August 2012 melvindin

    Today is Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day(8 August)
    Hell Exists on the Earth but do you know
    What a day it was just 67 years ago
    Lucky people of short memory may not know
    Out of nowhere from the blue skies came down
    things large and ugly as sin but with a big glow
    Little people tired of war and broken down by now
    Wanting normal life as the planner had planned
    Giving up pride by droping the mask and ready to bow
    Hoping to have a fresh start, but little did they know
    Not one but two big cities wiped out in a single blow
    Light brighter than light, and heat hotter than hot
    Melted steel and stones,  human bones had no show
    You surrender to the mighty ones, they still have a go
    Peace comes piece by piece but the misery in one go
    People making war decisions from the safest bunkers
    So empowered yet insecure and feeling unsafe down below
    Simple ones hoping hopes but very little did they know
    Don't count loses when they are in thousands or below
    Mighty weaks are not strong but just are very very weak
    Knock out masses ,is the only tactics they will ever know
    Forgive them you dead ones, living ones don't know how
    please keep adding your reflections ............................