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Lynda Rendall's blogs

  • We have two Syrian sisters studying at Queen’s High. They are 18 and 20 years old, both very diligent and interested. They have been in a refugee camp in Lebanon for the last four years but prior to that, attended school in Syria

    Both have intensive support from the ACCELL programme and are supported in other classes eg maths by an Arabic speaking professional.

    However there are some classes for which we have no support and few resources. My question is, are there resources for older students, who are learning English, which approximate the kinds of vocab and sentence development shown in the ‘Ready to Read’ series.

    My feeling is that there aren’t and that most teachers cobble together resources based on the first 150 odd words, and work from there. However it would be nice to think that somewhere there might be something.

    The British Council site does not seem to offer appropriate resources,  other sites are similar. They assume alphabet knowledge and some knowledge of numbers.

    Can anyone help please?

     Lynda Rendall Queen's High