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  • My main goal was to use E-Learning within my writing program.  As I saw that alot of my students could tell me good stories and ideas however when they were sent off to write this was not coming through in their writing.  Just recently I thought I would have a go at using alot more pictures to write about and I found one of my old ones (Batman and Robin saving a man from a burning building http://bethany-anotherday.blogspot.co.nz/2006/09/batman-robin-chalk-art-by-julian.html).  It was a chalk drawing done on the sidewalk.  As a class we used the see, think, wonder chart first.  It was very interesting that none of them picked up that it was a chalk drawing.  So we had a great discussion about all the things they saw and wondered etc...  It wasn't till I pointed out that in the picture there were people walking at the top.  This threw them all.  They really didn't know what to think.    The oral discussion was amazing.  I then decided to show them this You tube clip that showed how these chalk drawings were created.   

    These are great to get the kids imaginations going and great for oral discussions.




  • My ICT goal is linked to my school writing goal, which is - to make my focus group of writers more aware of their audience.  I find that my students will often describe or talk about something in a interesting or exciting way.  However when they are sent off to write about the same topic the words they brainstormed or used orally are often never seen.  So I thought it would be quite good to some how record them and then try and transfer this to their writing.  This is where I hope the e/learning tools will come into play.  I have started by using different web sites to motivate writing ideas.  My next goal will be to get into videos, voice thread etc...  I am currently being held back by computer problems and can't wait for my new ones to arrive next term.  I look forward to reading ideas from others and will diffinetly give anything a go.  So any ideas, I would love to hear from you.

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