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Kate Dare's blogs

  • Term 1

    At St James' the TeKids have been leading support sessions at morning tea and lunch time once a week. These sessions have been split into those for Middles and Seniors and those for Juniors. The TeKids are responsible for getting children to sign up each week so that children attend. Although this type of session was organised previously, there was not a good level of attendance. This year there has been an improved turn out with about 20 children attending each session. Sessions are advertised in advance and there is a timetable on the TeKids wikispace.

    In Term 1 these sessions focused on VoiceThread. Before these sessions I have had a brief meeting with the TeKids to go over the expectations for the session and during the sessions themselves the children have completely taken over. I am able to supervise and just give the odd helping hand when things go wrong. Children have shown they are starting to become reflective leaders as they can discuss difficulties they have had when teaching and adapt to overcome these.

    Term 2

    TeKids support sessions at St James' will continue to run at morning tea and lunch times, with separate sessions for Juniors. The focus for sessions this term will be PowerPoint to skills children with this, as this will be the main programme used for entries to the DigiAwards, which will be done in Term 3.

  • During this session the children were given a choice about how to present ther mini-inquiry research on Earthquakes using ICT. They all reverted back to tried and tested methods, e.g. PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, rather than being more adventurous. Next step in this process would be to explore other ways of presenting using ICT and then giving children a choice. This can be applied in the classroom. Children will generally resort back to what they are confident with rather than trying new things and taking risks. It is important that children get skill sessions and time to experiment with new ICT tools.

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