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  • I wanted to see if there were any apps out there that could do my proofreading for me.  Okay, yes, that's a lie.  I wouldn't let any machine near my writing.  I actually went looking for an app that would do my marking for me.  All of that spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure that needs endless correction.  I was hoping I could leave the mechanical stuff to a machine so that I could get on with assessing the thinking and creativity of the work.  And with this hope tinting my vision with rose water, I sallied forth to find my mechanical marking buddy.

    Here are the candidates!  You can click on any of these logos to go to the apps themselves.


    Let's get the worst out of the way first.  Paper Rater...

    ...hardly found a thing.  "Will is pick up" was completely missed by the grammar checker.  Appalling!

    Next worst...Ginger...

    ...was a bit better.  But where's the full stop at the end, and what's with that comma between 'to' and 'do', Ginger?

    Let's try Writing Dynamo on for size then.  While I didn't bother to check out how much the paid memberships were for the above apps (because they're useless), Writing Dynamo will cost you $US4.99 per month.

    "To sea", Writing Dynamo?  Are you blond?!  I mean, are you blind?!  And what about that first doozy of a run-on sentence?  Nope, Writing Dynamo wasn't interested.

    Lastly but not 'leastly', let's look at AutoCrit Editing Wizard.

    Better.  A lot better!  But if I want get any more information out of AutoCrit I'm going to need to fork out a one-off payment of $US47 for unlimited access.


    My Google is burgeoning with student docs and it looks like they're not going to mark themselves. :(

  • Hi all,

    I've put together an article on my successful use of computer games in Social Studies with a Year 9 class at Manurewa High.  All games were online and free! (I've included links in the article).

    Hopes this helps those Social Studies teachers out there who are struggling to make Government into a digestible topic. Wink



  • I love the feeling of cold concrete evidence under my hot, ideological feet.  So soothing.  The Victoria Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has released the findings of its 2011 Innovating with Technology ’Game-based Learning Trials’.  And I’m delighted to see that it’s ‘all good’ for games in the classroom!

    I've boiled the essence of the report down into an article over at TheFictionEngine where I've also embedded the Full Report as a pdf, should you want to take a closer look at the findings.

    It's brilliant to finally have a solid, Australasian case study in support using games in the classroom. Smile

    cheers all,