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  • Pasifika Education Grant – CORE Education

    Talofa lava, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Bula vinaka, Namaste, Talofa ni, Halo ola keta, Mauri

    In accordance with CORE Education’s not for profit status, an annual allocation of $5,000 is available to support teachers of Pacific Island descent in their endeavours to access and benefit from professional learning opportunities.

    The $5,000 allocated for 2012 is for the purpose of

    Supporting the leadership development of Pasifika teachers in early childhood centres and schools.  

    This could take the form of

    • mentoring and coaching, critical friend relationships
    • supporting facilitation skills and developing confidence
    • assisting teachers to attend professional learning opportunities that challenge thinking and provide alternative strategies and pedagogies
    • providing a school or centre with a teacher participation fund in order for any of the above to occur

    Applicants will submit a resume and two references to pasifika@core-ed.org that detail and support the following selection criteria by May 31 2012.

    Selection Criteria:  

    Teachers will

    • Demonstrate a commitment to the education of Pacific islands children in early childhood, primary or secondary education.
    • Be actively engaged in and seek opportunities to gain new learning
    • Be involved in the promotion and use of Pacific language/s and culture/s
    • Be open to new innovations and sharing of idea



    In 2009, Cabinet approved the Pasifika Education Plan 2009-2012 (Plan) which was revised to align with Government’s education priorities for Pasifika students, which are to:

    • build strong learning foundations
    • lift Pasifika literacy and numeracy achievement
    • increase the number of Pasifika students achieving and leaving school with qualifications

    One of the driving messages of the Pasifika Education Plan 2009-2012 ( Ministry of Education, 2009) is that all sectors of education need to "step up" and share responsibility for improving education outcomes for Pasifika children.

    Stepping up in the Pasifika Education Plan identifies and encapsulates some key messages:

    • The education system must work to realise the potential for Pasifika
    • Pasifika education is a shared responsibility to increase outcomes for Pasifika students and to do so more quickly than we have before.
    • Accelerating and lifting Pasifika participation, engagement and achievement in early childhood education, in schools and tertiary is a non-negotiable.

    About CORE Education

    CORE Education is a not-for-profit educational research and development based organisation with an international reputation for support and promotion of the use of new technologies for learning across all education and training sectors.
    CORE Education is devoted to improving education, and therefore ensures it is not only at the forefront of educational matters, but leading them.



I am the Project Coordinator for the Māori Medium Publishing team @ CORE

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