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    What did you notice/what were you wondering about, at the start of this LwDT PLD?

    • I was relatively comfortable with the thought of this ICT PLD

    • Own knowledge limited

    • Wasn’t sure about what device to use and/or, how to use this

    • Didn’t know about the VLN

    • I preferred to have control of what the students were learning


    What did you do?

    • Decided to hand the control over to the students

    • I had no idea about coding so asked the students!

    • Explored gClassroom

    • Students became the teachers/facilitators of learning

    • Students chose their devices

    • Had a science focus - Adobe Sparks was introduced

    • Decided to look at QR codes this term

    What was the impact of what you did?

    • A UDL approach/learning environment sprang up

    • Students leading learning

    • Exciting!

    • Fun!

    • Key Competencies heightened

    • Success criteria crafted by students

    • Collaborative learning

    • AO

    • Student led


    What might you do going forward?

    • Source the best device to have in the classroom to start capturing the learning of the students - something that can capture audio, images/photos and footage in a time efficient and user-friendly manner

    • Look at ePortfolios to curate the learning of students (and teachers?)

    Note: an ePortfolio is anything electronic…..a blog, wiki, gSite, gdoc, VLN, wordpress……...

    Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 6.41.11 PM.png

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    SAMR Apps

    By PennyM

     Makes me more aware that just using a digital technology instead of pen and paper is not really changing anything.  We have to ensure that we move on to higher order thinking in the way we use technologies, not just substitute them for the same task on pen and paper. 

  • http://www.k12reader.com/reading-comprehension-and-higher-order-thinking-skills/ 

    It contains lots of worksheets with specific targeted work on inference, grammar and vocabulary.

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    By PennyM

    I have tried to find anyone out there who is doing Numicon at their school, but with no luck so far!  I want to bring ICTs into my Numicon programme, so to start with I am going to use Google slides on Google classrooms to get kids to show their Maths learning with photos and audio files where they explain their learning using the vocab I am looking for!  If anyone has any ideas about this, please comment!

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