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    What did you notice/what were you wondering about, at the start of this LwDT PLD?

    • Different entry pojnts across staff re e-learning

    • Blogging was not across the school

    • We were abe to upload images

    • We had a range of devices

    • No set plan

    • Deveoping our knowledge

    • Wondering about the WHAT


    What did you do?

    • An IT committee was formed

    • A vision was considered/drafted

    • $$ was looked at re where and how

    • Jnr school using ipads

    • Snr school exploring Google suite

    • All introduced to the VLN

    What was the impact of what you did?

    • Daily notices in gdocs/electronic form now :-)

    • Snrs trialing gClassroom

    • Jnrs trialing Seesaw

    • VLN - contributing and participating


    What might you do going forward?

    • Linc-ed - as a platform heading towards 2017

    • Aiming for electronic reporting (no paper)

    • Focus and clear purpose on blogging - the WHY


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    SAMR apps

    By Liz

    I think it could be very useful to use SAMR to help me change my practice with technology

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    By Liz

    Hi there 

    We are currently thinking of changing our SMS to Linc -Ed and we would be interested in hearing from schools who have done this and what have been the results.

    We are looking at using it to change our reporting to parents.

  • Bling Bingo

    By Liz

    I am getting better at manipulating the VLN space. I have filled in my bling Bingo. I am still not sure how to access friends who are on the VLN. I will explore more in the holidays!

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