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  • Here is a nifty little package put together by Google.It is designed to get students researching, asking the right questions and engaging the mind with the array of material available on the web.


    Here’s how to play a Google a day

    There's no right way to solve it, but there's only one right answer.

  • I've been working with a school recently on using WMM. There were three questions they hoped I;d be able to address:

    • Converting music to use with WMM
    • Where to get intros and outros
    • Creating a voiceover
    • Adding audio into your clip

    Taking a blended approach I worked with staff covering the points above but as always there is a lot to remember so I created the video tutorial below.

    • Have you been using WMM with your students?
    • How are you finding using it?
    • Do you have questions or ideas for us to consideras a text step?

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