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  • Here is an exquisite example of talking and writing about Universal Design for Learning and modelling it in action. It is a spoof retrospective from the 2020's on how students with dyslexia used to be taught in our schools.

    I love the article for many reasons:

    • It is humorous and clever 
    • There are useful insights on ways we can more effectively support students with dyslexia
    • It models a UDL approach to sharing a text document in an online context ( a skill valuable for all of us who work in blended environments).

    For a more detailed look explore the 2020's Learning Landscape article yourself.

    Example of UDL designed research article

    Ways to use the article to build knowledge and understanding:

    • Experience a deliberately designed flexible environment. Read the article and explore all the different ways to access the content. 
    • Map the UDL guidelines to the article to increase your understanding of UDL in action. 
    • Compare the article to text based material you share online. Identify one area you could increase the flexibility of your content and support the engagement of readers. Then give it a go and get some feedback.
    • With colleagues, glean all the tips to more effectively support students with dyslexia and apply them to your context.

    Let us know how you go :-)

    Visit Dyslexia and learning on the Inclusive Education website for more information on creating flexible online environments.

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