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3D in eLearning's blogs

  • SculptGL

    By Luke












    A true on-line 3d sculpting tool. This is a fabulous tool to work with. I have used Mudbox and Sculptris and this has many similar features but the difference is you can run this through your browser. A great tool for students interested in concept design or 3d printing. As it saves in stl formate it can be loaded into most 3D prototyping software for very cool results. Created by Stephane Ginier it is a fine example of Open Software that shows off the power of web-gl.


    You can get it here http://stephaneginier.com/

    • Public

    Awesome and Simple.

    By Luke











    Not two words that you see together often. But that's how I would describe Rad3d. This "free" 3d games engine and development kit has got my attention. It rocks when it comes to quick and easy development of simulations. The demo files alone can make a real difference in explanations of games physics like flight simulation or collision. It runs on Windows but apparently can be run on the net if you are clever. 

    You can get it here http://www.3drad.com/