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  • I am having a second go at this !! Not sure where the first went.

    I am first to present my digital learning TAI focus for the Term. My focusing question is as follows:-

    How can I facilitate and accelerate the learning of alphabet names, sounds and symbols using i pad applications?

    I will be trialing apps and assessing their usefulness in terms of

    1. Letter names

    2. Letter sounds

    3. Letter symbols.

    I have added my outline plan to the group document page.



  • I seem to be the last to have joined our group because it's only just come to the top of the pile having been away.


  • I have started my inquiry around how can the use of ipads support children's literacy skills in a new entrant setting. I have downloaded a range of apps and worked through them. I have chosen a Maori and Pasifica child to monitor on their key word recongition through flash card games such as eggy words.

    Through teacher mentoring and encouraging peer collaboration to support reading and writing.

    My inquiry is how can i lift the baseline achievement of the ESOL, Moari and Pasifica students for reading by using digital media to support their daily reading and word work.

    Digital Literacy = utube, ipads, computers, photographs, music, song, dance.


    These children had a vocabulary age of between 2.8 and 3.11

    With a word recognition of stanine 1 or 2.

    I will retest at the end of the year.

  • How can I use blogs and other programmes to encourage my Maori, Pacifica and ESOL students to write grammatically correct stories that are interesting for others to read.

    My Next steps are:  Find out more about blogging and managing this as a class.  Look into using Voice thread and Avatars. 

    I've identified my priority learners bu need to look at how they learn and approach writing


  • For my inquiry I am looking at Writing and the use of full stops. A number of children are struggling to put full stops in the correct place. I am looking at using things like talking avatars to help students hear how their writing sounds as it is written. I am hoping that this will help students to be more aware of where they should end sentences.

  • Meant to say earlier that after Dinah's visit in week 1 my focus for maths has changed from basic facts to Place Value.

    Room 7 now has a Place Value Boot Camp and it is mostly going well.

  • The 4.1 earthquake in Hastings at 10am today created opportunity for our students to recount an interesting experience.

    We are learning to make our stories interesting by using a plan, 5Ws and an H and adjectives.

    Today we are also signing in to the group. What fun and games! I got in by fluke.I have decided that throughout this learning process you can be a have or a have not in the press of a button/key.