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  • As part of the update to the Backpack tool in Scratch 3.0, items currently in Backpacks will be removed. Save these items by pulling them into a project before Jan. 2nd!





  • Hello CS First Teachers!

    We hope you all had a fantastic CSEdWeek and got some students excited about learning even more computer science in the new year. Speaking of the new year - we’re getting ready to ring it in with the move to Scratch 3.0 on January 2, 2019.

    To learn more about the move to Scratch 3.0 and what this means for you and your classroom materials, read the FAQ below.

    To give you a taste of what’s to come, here’s a student project from our 2018 Hour of Code activity, An Unusual Discovery, our first Scratch 3.0 activity.

    Thanks and we hope you enjoy the last few weeks of 2018

    CS First team


    CS First + Scratch 3.0 FAQ

    Q: What date will CS First reflect Scratch 3.0 in the videos and materials?
    A: January 2, 2019.

    Q: Where can I learn more about Scratch 3.0?
    A: Check out the Scratch 3.0 FAQ or webinar.

    Q: What parts of CS First will change with the transition to Scratch 3.0?
    A: CS First will still function the same way but you will notice we’ve made updates to reflect the new user interface of Scratch 3.0. Here’s a summary of what’s changing:

    • A few themes and sample activities (see full list below) will not be available starting January 2, 2019. Updated versions of some of these themes will launch in early 2019.
    • All of the student videos will be updated and show the Scratch 3.0 interface and editor.
    • Solution sheets and passports will reflect new Scratch 3.0 block images.
    • Students will be automatically directed to Scratch 3.0 as they open their starter projects.
    • Minor updates were made to some sprites, backdrops, etc. in our starter projects.
    • The order of Storytelling Activity 1 and Activity 2 will be swapped. This isn’t related to Scratch 3.0, but it’s launching at the same time.

    Q: Which themes and sample activities will be updated for Scratch 3.0?
    A: The following themes/activities will be available on the CS First website on January 2, 2019.

    • An Unusual Discovery
    • Animate a Name
    • Art
    • Create Your Own Google Logo (original)
    • Fashion & Design
    • Friends
    • Game Design
    • High Seas
    • Music & Sound
    • Sports
    • Storytelling

    Q: Which themes won’t be available on January 2, 2019?
    A: The following themes/activities will not be available on the CS First website starting January 2, 2019.

    • Create Your Own Google Logo - Valentines Day (to be launched before February, 2019)
    • Create Your Own Google Logo - Earth Day (to be launched before March, 2019)
    • Gumball’s Coding Adventure (to be launched before March, 2019)
    • Friends (to be launched before April, 2019)
    • Social Media (may be redesigned and launch later in 2019)
    • Animation (may be redesigned and launch later in 2019)

    Q: What if I have a class that starts in 2018 but ends in 2019?
    A: Ideally you can finish your class prior to December 31, 2018 or start your class after January 2, 2019, but if that’s not possible, you will still be fine. Students will still be able to use their existing account to log in to both CS First and Scratch 3.0. You will simply see students get directed to the new Scratch 3.0 editor to finish any current or outstanding projects. In some cases, we made small updates to our projects (i.e., you might notice a different sprite or backdrop), but it shouldn’t affect how the student completes the activity.
    If you have an Animation, Friends, Gumball, Logo Valentines Day/Earth Day, or Social Media class, you will need to complete all activities prior to January 1, 2019, or start a new class with a 3.0-ready theme (see list above). Starting January 2, 2019 these themes will not be available on the CS First website.

    Q: If I have a print kit that was delivered prior to January 2, 2019, will I still be able to use it?
    A: Yes! Most of the updates to print materials were cosmetic to reflect the new Scratch 3.0 user interface (blocks, colors, etc). Using our 2018 materials shouldn’t cause any significant problems.

    Q: My class starts after January 2, 2019. Will my print materials be updated to reflect Scratch 3.0?
    A: Yes. Classes that start after January 2, 2019 will be shipped 3.0 kits. These 3.0 kits will begin arriving after January 2nd.

    Q: What’s the difference between the current version of Scratch 3.0 and the version launching on January 2nd?
    A: Currently, the Beta version of Scratch 3.0 is not connected to the online community and you are unable to sign in, save, and share your work or interact with other Scratch users. After January 2, the online community will be connected and users will be able to sign-in, share their work, and interact with other Scratchers via comments and Remixing projects.

    Q: Will I be able to Save my projects in Scratch after the launch in January?
    A: Yes, Scratch 3.0 will officially launch on January 2, which includes connecting it to the online community. At that time, you will be able to sign-in, save, and share your projects in Scratch.

    Q: Will I have access to my Scratch 2.0 projects in Scratch 3.0?
    A: Any project that was saved in Scratch 2.0 will be available in Scratch 3.0 after January 2, 2019.

    Q: Will Scratch 3.0 work on tablets and phones?
    A: Scratch 3.0 will work on desktop, laptop, and tablet devices (iOS 11+ and Android 6+). On tablets, there won’t be a way to use “key pressed” blocks or right-click context menus until later in 2019. You will be able to view projects on mobile phones, but you won’t be able to create or edit projects on phones.

    Q: What will happen to Scratch 2.0?
    A: The online version of Scratch 2.0 will be replaced with Scratch 3.0. You will still be able to access the Scratch 2.0 offline editor and all of your saved Scratch 2.0 projects will be available in Scratch 3.0.

    Q: Will the Scratch offline editor be available on Chromebooks?
    A: Yes. In the second half of 2019 the offline version of Scratch 3.0 will be available on Chromebooks.

    Additional information can also be found in this help article.

  • From the Website: Getting Unstuck


    JULY 5-25, 2018

    21 days. 21 Scratch projects. What will you make?

    Dear friends,

    Supporting creative work in the classroom can be challenging, and we want to help! We're excited to offer Getting Unstuck, a summer learning experience for teachers who want to learn more about supporting creative work with the Scratch programming language.

    Every day, you'll get an email with a small, creative programming challenge, designed to help you explore different computational concepts and debugging strategies in Scratch. You'll have access to a supportive online community of teachers and facilitators. Whether you're brand new to Scratch or an experienced teacher, we'll be right beside you, making things and learning together.

    Yours in creative computing, 
    Paulina and Karen

    Check out and sign up for Getting Unstuck at:



  • This is a must view talk by Mitch Resnick for all Scratch fans. I found the Scratch 3.0 updates particularly exciting. There are a number of new developments coming from Scratch 3.0 such as cross-platform functionality using the html5 platform, collaboration with Google Blockly, ability interface with the microbit, the new ScratchBit a physical interface, speaking interfaces such as new blocks that will translate text to another language and speech recognition blocks are being developed. 

    Video Shortcuts:

    - Start the talk about Scratch 3.0

    - ScratchBIt Demo

    - Working on Speech Recognition 









    Things mentioned in the video:
    Duckling Platformer by Elephantsareawesome5 & FoxLOVER773
    MAP Studio
    Viva La Vida MAP by amylaser
    Seagulls MAP by QueenBub
    Conlanging studio
    How to Speak Kitanian by PusheenTheCat_
    Koaladropian Language by KoalaDrop
    Add Yourself Watching TV by TNTsquirrel

  • https://csedweek.org/learn


    Hour of Code YouTube Channel

    My Year 5 class loved the new Minecraft activities. I joined as a teacher first https://studio.code.org/courses?view=teacher and set up my class using an existing Google Classroom account. When my students signed up https://studio.code.org/users/sign_up they click on sign up with Google and it was quick and easy. 

    They don't need an account to use code.org but by signing up they can save their progress.


    Check out the projects on the Scratch home page https://scratch.mit.edu/

    If you want to be more adventurous have a look at the Scratch Studios. I recommend - Everyone has a story https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/4413761/.

    The Scratch Video Update is monthly video update on Scratch community happenings. We'll share things we love, things to try, and a message from the Scratch Team. For more information about things we mentioned in the video, please check out: https://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic.


  • This course could be of interest to our group members. Please check out the website for more information and enrollment.   http://learn.media.mit.edu/lcl/

    If anyone decides to try LCL please feel free to post your learnings/reflections here. 


    For many years, the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, led byMitch Resnick, has been developing new technologies, activities, and environments (such as Scratch and Computer Clubhouses) to engage all children, from all backgrounds, in creative learning experiences.

    Learning Creative Learning (LCL) is our effort to connect and share ideas with people around the world with similar goals, visions, and values. It is an opportunity for like-minded educators and learners to meet one another and share ideas, strategies, and practical tips on how to support creative learning.

    LCL is organized as a six-week online course (starting on October 18, 2017), but its real goal is to cultivate an ongoing learning community in support of creative learning around the world.

    Each week we will offer online videos, readings, and hands-on activities. You’ll be able go through this material at your own pace. All of our materials will be freely available (including sections from Mitch Resnick’s new Lifelong Kindergarten book). You can spend as much or as little time you like -- by watching, reading, making, sharing, reflecting, and discussing.


  • Dive down Deep with us at the 2017 Scratch Summer Camp! Create creatures from the depths, or even cute starfish!