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  • Okay so I feel like we have kind of forgotten about this learning group and since we don't meet very often we hardly ever get to just say - this is what I've been doing... Or what have you been doing... 


    SO.... here is me....

    This week on our mimio software I am getting the children to know the tools more, kind of knicked an idea from Danella..... the children are using the pen tool to (a) change colour and (b) use thin and thick lines. Not rocket science but.... they have all just done scribbles, really not an actual picture and have written their name. My aim for next week is to get them drawing a picture to go with a piece of writing. 


    Another thing I am working on is having one of my reading or maths tasks based around the digital camera... so like taking photos of things that start with the letter we are focussing  BUT before i do I want the children to earn a license for using the camera... well a license that means they are responsible for being able to take the camera outdoors for taking photos, so they can do so without me. Will let you know how I get on. Got this from Rachel Boyd. You might be interested in her video about elearning and juniors that I have found and will bookmark on the bookmark page.

    Lastly, lets get our kids viewing and commenting on each others blogs.

    Have bookmarked mine here too...


    Love to you all (: Jac