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  • Hi All, 

    This is my first ever post in the VLN, long time listener (reader) first time caller (blogger). Embarassed

    We currently use an LMS at our school and I particularly like the funtion where students, teachers and parents can keep track of learning goals in journals/portolios in and beyond the classroom. We also find having a class 'page' to embed resources and links for students and parents to be able to easily access works well for learning beyond the classrooms too. Our senior classrooms also use Google Drive, but I was wondering what other primary schools are using? 

    My questions are:

    - Is there a general retreat from LMS's recently? (At primary level)

    - Do any of you use student blogging with students in the junior school? How does this work for you?

    - Do you need to maintain seperate website/blog as a class page?

    - What are the best tools out there to be able to embed HTML code within student journals/portolios in order to blend learning?

    - We are looking for something straight forward to enable all of our staff to manage this themselves with support, do you know anything manageable like that?

    Looking forward to any guidance and perspectives.


  • At our school we have implemented Daily Five. The dailys are five reading behaviours with clear expectations around the way the childern self manage. I am interested in developing our knowledge around the apps available that will support us on ipads. We are just beginning to trail ipads only for our Juniors, at this stage, and I would like to find apps that specifically target the word work activitiers that support strategy development in reading. Is there any one who has any info regarding this?