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  • The children presented to a group of approximately 80 parents, whanau and teachers on the evening of Thursday 8 Novemeber. The topics they presented were; Greenscreening with powerpoint and moviemaker, using different search engines and creative commons. At the end of the evening parents were asked to provide feedback/feedforward. Typical responses included;




    • Lots of good tips and tricks
    • Children spoke very well
    • Improvements from last year
    • Learnt new things (several)
    • Great programme
    • Well organised
    • Good opportunity in a real context
    • Gorgeous kids!
    • An opportunity to build confidence
    • Great information given
    • Relevant to topics



    • Some children could have spoken louder
    • Would have liked more time, but was a great teaser
    • Noisy
    • Minor technology issues




    • Think about investigating open source alternatives – eg GIMP, Blender…
    • TEKids are our future leaders!






  • This session focused on cyber-bullying, with the children having to apply their information literacy skills to develop their knowledge on this area. Children used a range of websites, but are unable to alter searches effectively to speed up the process triangulation. They also worked in pairs or individually, they did'nt choose to work collaboratively to speed up the process. Prehaps next time we could set up a google doc for children to record collaboratively on to promote this. Children were skilled using the web 2.0 and embedding them, they have really become confident in doing this. This is an improvement from the beginning of the year.

    It has been effective this year to switch sessions between giving children choice and focusing on one "flashy" skill, so that children have choice but also develop high quality skills. It is really important to have time to scaffold how to use tools effectively.

  • This session focused on planning our TeKids celebration evening for the beginning of next term. The children co-constructed their own learning intention which was : WALT: through leadership, share and stretch our ICT knowledge to others. Student voice was used to allow children to select their area to share and their roles through this session - this will give students ownership. All key competencies will be required over the next three sessions to plan an effective celebration evening, particularly managing self and participating and contributing. Children reflected using de Bono's hats their reflection were very focused on how they can make this celebration evening very successful.

  • This session focused on developing children's knowledge of digital footprint. They enjoyed googling the teachers, but their knowledge of this is still developing. This is something that we will need to revisit. It was difficult to get many responses from children during discussions. It was positive to see that children chose from a range of tools to present their learning. Children seemed to have forgotten previous learning about creative commons. We need to make the next session as relevant as we can to what the children are doing online, prehaps looking at the Digital Citizenship will help with this.


  • This session was flexible as the kids needed more time to work out how the green screening worked. The children were well focused and on task as it was engaging and it was a challenge for them. There was a lot of trial and error and cooperative work in this session. There was still not a lot of collaborative work between schools, but they are becoming more comfortable with interacting with each other. Looking forward to see the development of this learning in the next session and back at school and how they use it for a purpose.

    TeKids Session Plan 5

  • PLUS



    Got to learn something new

    It was fun

    Got to think about new ideas

    Got to be creative

    Exploring different things

    Try out the Green-screening

    Using past skills

    How to get rid of the background

    Learnt how to do different things on the camera


    There were software issues

    Trouble loading photos

    Not enough time, due to software issues

    Thinking about the background, decision making.

    User issues and patience

    Taking care with the pictures

    Thinking about how to save files

    Got to have some fun with the computer

    Learning how to animate

    Seeing other people’s ideas

    Got to learn some new things about other people

    There was a lot of humour in today.

    We would like to learn how to use green screening on video.


    The kids really enjoying learning about a new tool.  Only one of the students had used green-screening before. 

    Students were very pro-active in this session and finding out how to use the tools.  They enjoyed playing and finding out about the tools.

    We had an issue with St James not having a recent version of powerpoint.  We need to be aware of everyone's software and hardware in the future.

    Students showed good problem solving and getting the task completed. Some students were able to effectively link their images with the inquiry topic, which was a challenge that we set for them.

    We revisited CC's and how to make sure their images were able to be used.

    Some of the finished images were very powerful. The LT's will take the students work which we got them to save as wmv files and upload to youtube which we can then embed onto the blog page.

    Our next session will be extending greenscreening into video.

    Te Kids Session 4

  • The TeKids have been active in their teaching other students by holding lunchtime tutorial sessions. We have made the expectations about their learning and sharing explicit and informed their caregivers of these expectations.  By making the TeKids more accountable in requiring them to actively share their learning we have seen them step up to become leaders and not just learners. The planning of these sessions for the TeKids has at times been challenging as they have had to be reasonably independent in this and for some this was a big step to take. However this has led to them being more aware of their own capabilities and I think sometimes they have been surprised about how much they can teach to others.  The incidental learning involved in their planning and public speaking skills and confidence to undertake these challenges has been particularly impressive to see.   These lunchtime tutorials have had positive impacts on other students too by allowing students to participate in these.  Empowering those that are truly interested in ICT and E-learning by encouraging their involvement they are taking their learning back to the classroom and in turn are also becoming leaders.

    The students have become enthusiast users of different search engines and have a greater awareness of the ways that advertisers use these engines. 





      Within our schools these are some of the things our TEKids have been doing in order to share their leadership and further develop their expertise.Students are becoming confident when transfering their ICT capabilities in new situations.

    • At Somerset Crescent opportunities have been offered to teachers of all levels for the TEKids to come and share their learning in class with topics such as Voicethread and Spicynodes. Students, with support, have planned these sessions. 

    TEKids Planning Pics  imageimage

    (Pictures above - Two Somerset TEKids taking their Voicethread lesson in a Year 5/6 class via Smartboard.)


    • A new hall sound and AV set up at Somerset Crescent has seen some technical difficulties for staff. The Tekids have been trained up on the set up and use of this now and are called upon to organise assemblies and the like.


    • Questions and Answers are available to our wider cluster audience and community on the TEKids blog via our Wallwisher.
    • http://wallwisher.com/wall/2012tekids 

    • Lunchtime sessions where children create and share new e-learning, for example St James has run animation sessions based on learning from 2011 - this will also assist with children using animations for digi awards this year. The year 6's have supported TEKids in this as they are confident to transfer their ICT skills and knowledge. 
    • Both Kate and I have noticed the TEKids 'stepping up' within the school and classroom setting when other students and/or staff are having difficulties. This unplanned and informal sharing of knowledge is becoming more evident and a good indication that their confidence and skills are developing further. 



  • TeKids Plan Session 3

    Thought the session went well.  Ice breaker went well with chn learning names and interacting a bit better.

    We recapped last session learning and were impressed to see they were able to explain the creative commons and the symbols.

    Getting students to focus on keywords and understanding the vocabulary that we are using was interesting.  Note for future, not to assume understanding of the vocabulary that we are using.

    Students found that sometimes the refined search was too narrow and had to widen again. Good learning involved there.

    Students did try to focus on the number rather than the quality of site results.

    Discussed with students how often the first sites bought up are ads.

    Most students were able to take off their orginial spicynode or voicethread and re-embed which helped to tidy up blog site.

    We discussed as a team needing to revisit how to revise previous information for students that are new or maybe missed a session. 

    We want to be able to throw in a session that is a bit blingy to keep the students interested. Tony to discuss with Kate. 

    Next step would be to get them looking at site synopsis to assess relevance.

    Very honest in their reflections, from the beginning of Te Kids they have come along way in their feedback.

    We discussed the need for students to be given some voice and asked what they want to learn about.





    Lots of information that was relevant

    Better results with less sites

    Easy to use


    More relevant information

    Less information

    Using keywords

    wrong type of answers

    different subject

    searched for the symbols

    didn’t always do what we asked

    too much information


    Didn’t recognise the symbols

    searched for the symbols


  • TeKids Session 2

    We started today with an ice breaker, the children still need more of these activities to get to know eachother better - this will allow them to improve their communication and support eachother.

    Today's session focused on Creative Commons and using different search engines. It was interesting that some children saw Google as the "official" search engine not controlled by people. Also connected to this. it would be interesting to explore with children what the internet actually is - do some of them not realise that it is controlled by people? Children are starting to get an understanding of Creative Commons, but will need to revisit this thoughout the year. Children will also need to revisit types of questioning as some children are still not secure in their knowledge of asking open questions.

    Children reflected honestly on the search engines, justifying their thoughts, and they also reflected on how they needed to refine searches.

    Next time, we would like to build on this and focus pedagogically on refining searches and in later sessions triangulating information by cross-checking information from different websites.

    We also would like to utilise the knowledge of other schools in the area and invite them to come and teacher the TeKids about green screening at some point this year.