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  • We have an ICT Club ruinning in the faculty, there are 20 mmebers. Two ICT monitors from each HR meet weekly to learn new tips and tricks to assist teachers and students in class. The girls also showcase the skills they have learned in ICT Club at Levels Assesmbly this happens once a month.

    Ultranet is also utilised in the faculty to share homework, notices, duties and to create discussion amongst the students.

    We have started using Mathletics to support learning in mathematics. I have led a couple of PD sessions in Year 7 & 8 to help teachers group and level students, also to use a number of the tools in the teacher centre.

    Our main ICT focus for Term 2 will be to utilise Mimio tools in the classroom programme.

  • I have worked with two of our year 7 teachers to assist with integrating Mathletics in their mathematics programme. As both teachers are new to using Mathletics we covered a number of the features available in the teachers centre. We looked at grouping students, how to show/ hide mathematical strands, assigning tasks, restricting levels in the LIVE section, the use of workbooks and how points, certificates and gold bars are gained.

    I also showed the students how to use the many tools available to them to help solve mathematical problems. We looked at using the following: the concept section using the animated dictionary and the concept search, how to use the support window and to change the level of difficulty, we also looked at the hall of fame to motivate the students to complete activities for homework.

    I will show the teachers how to use the problem solving section, the blog and the games section, so that they can introduce these areas to their students.

  • I attended the Microsoft roadshow and now I am even more intent on using OneNote. OneNote ensures that your documents are real-time - rather than having documents in various folders and then never knowing if you are viewing the latests document.

    So often we have so many documents that link to each other - i.e. our staff telephone tree is in the staff handbook but also in the emergency management plan and in the Human Resources document on the staff shared drive...... who knows where else?

    I will now be moving our Staff Handbook onto OneNote so that all the documents hyperlink within OneNote. We have been using OneNote for our SMT Meetings so that people can add agenda items without e-mailing the minute taker. I have managed to convince the Student Support team, HOF team and the International Students Team to use OneNote and they are sold on it.

    The next thing I will be doing is moving our Appraisal documentation to OneNote. We will put a template on the staff shared drive and once staff start the appraisal cycle they can use the template and keep all their supporting evidence on OneNote - even video feedback, survey results etc

    I think the next step is to get the Unit Plans on OneNote so that it will be the most up to date document for everyone to access.

    So excited!


  • This is a presentation I did with my colleagues Wendy Malone (Assistant Head of Social Sciences) and Verity Davidson (Head of Performing Arts) during briefing last week. My aims were to showcase some projects which I had been involved with but also to speak about the process of planning ICT in teaching and learning. Briefing Presentation 2309113.pptx

  • It is so nice to get possitive feedback ... well done St Peters 

    From: "Margaret Miller" <mmiller@st-peters.school.nz>

    Date: 12 July 2011 11:00:58 AM NZST

    To: "'Joanne Thom'" <Joanne.Thom@edtech.co.nz>

    Cc: <toconnor@st-peters.school.nz>

    Subject: RE: Ultranet

    Hi Joanne

     Thanks for that – however its Tim O’Connor who is driving Ultranet so really the commendation is his! I have copied him in this reply.


    Margaret Miller

    ICT Support

    St Peter’s College

    Mountain Road


    AUCKLAND 1023

    Ph: 09) 524 8108 x 7385

    From: Joanne Thom [mailto:Joanne.Thom@edtech.co.nz] 
    Sent: Tuesday, 12 July 2011 9:56 a.m.
    To: mmiller@st-peters.school.nz
    Subject: Ultranet

     Good morning Margaret,

     I believe that you are the contact person at St Peter’s responsible for Ultranet. I just thought I would drop you a quick note to commend the work being done by several of the teachers in the creation of their online classrooms. It is great to see the space taking shape, and teachers realising its potential as a tool for teaching and learning.

     Feel free to let me know if I can ever be of help.

     Kind regards,


    Joanne Thom
    Online Learning Facilitator


    09 913 9393 ext 2010


    021 676 505


  • I'm not too sure how worried we need to be about this.  Digital citizenship is important and we need time to educate our students but as I said... we need time!


  • If you have not read this magazine before I strongly recommend you do.  It has the most amazing ideas and really helps you keep abreast of what is happening.  A must for anyone keen to keep up with the play.  We give one to every member of the FLP group - they then share them with their faculties. 

    I will also highlight certain sections to staff.

    Truly a great resource


  • At Baradene we are constantly striving to improve the learning experiences for our students.  We acknowledge that ICT can supplement traditional ways of teaching and can open new and different ways of learning and as such we are committed to equipping students for a 21st century world. We are in the process of future-proofing our site so that each student will be able to bring their own netbooks to school and access our network.

     We have negotiated with a number of vendors and have come up with some Netbooks/Laptops which we believe will best suit the learning environment at Baradene. If you are considering purchasing a Netbook/ Laptop for your daughter please feel free to visit the  website at http://www.mobiliseme.co.nz/shop/BySchool/Auckland/Composite+7-13/Baradene+College.html for specifications.  

     If you have any technical enquiries please contact Cameron Reed, our New Era onsite technician at e-mail: support@baradene.school.nz or phone 524 6019 ext 712

     For all other enquiries please contact Theresa Bosch or DP – Student Support /Senior Leader in charge of ICT at e-mail: tbosch@baradene.school.nz or phone 524 6019 ext 707.

  • Last Tuesday I accompanied a group of year 13 Baradene geographers to the coast - the learning intention was to collect first hand data about erosion, sand dunes etc. in preparation for essay writing. And what better way is there to collect this data through filming and photos. So I am really looking forward to teaching these students how to use Windows live movie maker, to edit their primary data, to include pictures, to add presentations created on Audacity and presenting it to the staff during briefing as part of the Baradene mission of increasing ICT awareness during teaching and learning. Great work!! Very exciting weeks ahead.  

  • I have just completed writing a set of students' friendly documentation of Windows Live Movie Maker in preparation for an ICT project for term 3. Looking forward to a bunch of excited students who will film and edit a project, which will then be showcased to the staff at Baradene.